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Microchipping cat

A microchip that’s no bigger than a grain of rice can be implanted into all kinds of pets — from cats and dogs to reptiles and birds. The device carries a number, which is plugged into a database that includes the name and contact information of a pet’s owner.

If you are worried the procedure might be painful for your pet, don’t be. A veterinarian uses a hypodermic needle to implant the microchip, which is why the pain your pet feels is similar to that of a vaccination shot.

Microchipping is the only permanent method of identifying your pet and linking him/her back to you. It will provide you with peace of mind knowing your furry loved one would be safely returned to you if ever lost.

We are asked all the time about whether you should microchip your “indoor” pets, and the answer is yes, as not only “outdoor” pets get lost. We have had countless stories where a pet ran out when a door was opened by an owner or visitor to the home.