Montgomery Animal Hospital services behavioral counseling

Pets communicate with us in many ways. Most of the time it’s a welcoming gesture, such as a purr, tail wag or a lick and they sometimes express their positive feelings by snuggling up beside us. There are other occasions, however, when pets exhibit behaviors that are not so welcome. If yours is acting out or showing signs of distress or disenchantment, there are any number of possible explanations, most of which you are not likely to be able to understand or change without the knowledge and tools necessary to turn the behavior around.

Our team of highly qualified veterinary professionals is trained and experienced in a broad range of behavioral modification techniques that can help address even the most challenging of circumstances. Whether we’re talking house training problems, aggressiveness, excessive barking, destructive behavior or something else, we can get to the bottom of what’s causing the behavior and develop a plan of action that produces a positive change in your pet.