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USDA-Accredited Pet Travel Certificates

We appreciate the joys and challenges of traveling with your pet. It requires planning and preparation to ensure his/her health and safety. We have years of experience assisting our clients with pet travel, and our team of USDA-accredited veterinarians is qualified to issue pet health certificates.

Domestic Pet Travel

Air travel with your pet can be enjoyable and exciting for both of you. There are many factors to consider in order to ensure the health, safety and eligibility of your pet to travel by plane. At a minimum, we recommend a current health certificate and history of vaccination documents. Specific air travel requirements vary by airline and can change without notice. We urge you to contact your carrier for complete regulations prior to booking. Key considerations include:

International Pet Travel

While we do not issue international health certificates your pet’s health and safety are important to us.

Here is some helpful information regarding the health and transportation requirements, such as: