Montgomery Animal Hospital services Senior cat and senior dog

When your pet has been with you for many years, not only do they become irreplaceable members of your family, they also need a little extra care. Thanks to advances in veterinary medicine, pets are living longer than ever! You are an important ally in your pet’s health. Preventative care is critical for older pets which is why our doctors have developed a comprehensive senior wellness program to help guide your faithful companion through his “golden years”.


Achieving optimal health, happiness and longevity for your pet is the primary goal of the Senior Paws Club. You may not think of your pet as a senior, but cats and dogs age five to seven years for every one of yours, classifying them a seniors by age seven.

Your pet ages even more rapidly during the golden years and the risk of developing a chronic condition or a serious disease also increases, making wellness care critical.

The American Hospital Association recommends all pets age seven and older receive wellness exams and laboratory testing twice a year. With semi-annual visits that include a comprehensive assessment, nutritional analysis, health report card, physical exam, blood work and more, our Senior Paws Club allows both of us to stay on top of any developing conditions. Plus, it saves you up to $235 a year!

Becoming a member is easy! Simply call our office to schedule your pet’s comprehensive senior assessment and you will be automatically enrolled. You’ll need to take a minute to fill out our Pet Checklist form.

For your convenience, you may complete it online or print and bring it with you the day of your appointment.

Symptom Checklist for Senior Dogs

Symptom Checklist for Senior Cats