Montgomery Animal Hospital services

While proper dental care can sometimes add two to four years to your pet’s life, it will also help his or her health, vitality and well-being on an ongoing basis.  If left untreated, however, dental disease can not only be painful and inhibit proper nutrition, it can also lead to serious systemic issues that may affect your pet’s overall health before symptoms are noticeable. Oral bacteria, for example, can enter the bloodstream and damage the kidneys, heart or liver.

Oral exams and dental cleanings are an important part of the preventative care we provide your dog or cat.  Our dental cleaning includes:

We also offer complimentary nail trimming in conjunction with our dental procedures, and out-patient daycare during recovery.  Your pet is released to your loving care with post-dental instructions and any pertinent information.

It is important that you provide quality home dental care to your four-legged companion.  That care starts with recognizing the warning signs of dental disease, which include:

We encourage you to talk to any of our doctors or technicians for instructions on how to properly care for your pet’s teeth.

In addition to oral exams and cleanings, we offer a wide variety of dental services:

Oral Disease:  Diagnosis and treatment of oral manifestations of systemic disease, stomatitis, autoimmune oral disease and feline resorptive lesions

Periodontics:  Treatment of gingivitis and periodontal disease, gingival overgrowth and periodontal pocket surgery

Oral Surgery:  Extraction of compromised teeth, tooth luxation, surgical treatment and consultation regarding oral tumors

Regular brushing is still the best way to care for your pet’s teeth.  Other things you can do at home include dental rinses and gels, dental diets or dental chew toys.  Ask us about any of these at-home dental products that might be helpful.